New to CrossFit? The Elements class is designed to be an introduction to the foundational movements you will experience as a CrossFit athlete. In this introductory course, we spend time with each individual and coach them through the movements, not only to teach proper form, but to give a clear picture of the standards we seek to achieve at CrossFit SPRAG.

IMG_9623Your movements will be evaluated with a brief Functional Movement Screen, or FMS. The FMS is a great tool we use to assess and score an athlete’s movement, so as to insure an easy transition into a class environment. Along with the screen, we may also provide corrective exercises to help build a foundation of movement that is both comfortable and strong, thereby keeping you injury free as you pursue your fitness goals.


elements1Each athlete will have a slightly different experience in the Elements class, based on past fitness experience, current capacity, flexibility, and stability of movement. Based on our coaches’ assessment, each athlete will progress at their own pace. Rest assured, you will not be asked to complete a movement or exercise you are incapable of performing correctly and safely. One of the things that makes CrossFit fun is the fact that we will continue to work on developing new skills, and then pursue mastering them over time.

elements3The pursuit of fitness is a journey! At CrossFit SPRAG, we believe that quality of movement, coupled with proper progression, is the most important aspect for beginners.

To get started call Coach Derek (254) 791-9876

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**DROP-IN RATE: $20 for a day, $25 for a single day + Sprag T-shirt! Longer than a day? contact coaches for rates**

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Something bother you day to day? Keeping you from the fun in the gym? Check in with our very own Chiropractor/Athletic Trainer, Dr. Austin Reynolds!

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