facilityCrossFit SPRAG is a brand new, 5,400 sq. ft. facility, including office, two clean bathrooms, and kids area, designed with one thing in mind; the athlete’s experience! SPRAG athletes enjoy the best facility, equipment, and technology available. We specialize in group and individual training, using CrossFit methodology. Our class sizes are strategically monitored, so every athlete receives the attention they deserve. For workout programming, administration and athlete-interaction we utilize the online application Wodify, allowing athletes to see the WoD, a full gym whiteboard, and easily track performance.With the extensive training and expertise of our coaches, afford you, the athlete, is a two-fold experience. You enjoy the community support of a group environment while still addressing your own individual needs and goals.


At the Corner of 121 and 190 in Belton in the Belton Business Park
1008 Arbor Park Dr. Ste C
Belton, TX 76513

Phone Numbers:
Blaine – (254)760-3636
Adam – (682)554-4411
Derek – (254) 791-9876

We are now ONE community with TWO locations! Crossfit SPRAG welcomes its sister Affiliate out of Temple, TX Crossfit HAYWIRE!

The community atmosphere at CrossFit SPRAG-HAYWIRE is both evident and contagious. We realize that starting your fitness journey can be a very intimidating thing. However, we believe the camaraderie and encouragement found among our athletes can help with, if not alleviate, those concerns. Our group training is not about finishing first, but about the common struggle and collective effort of every athlete participating in the workout. This motivating and inclusive environment helps new members quickly find their spot in the SPRAG-HAYWIRE family.

IMG_1249Additionally, Crossfit SPRAG-HAYWIRE are partnered with the Human Performance Lab (HPL) at UMHB. As a SPRAG-HAYWIRE member, you will have exclusive access to nutritional counseling, performance testing, and top of the line laboratory testing provided by the HPL. Access to this invaluable resource will take your CrossFit experience to a whole new level as you seek to meet your health and fitness goals.



IMG_1245IMG_1248For those athletes interested in competition level CrossFit, look no further! The drive to compete on the highest level is very much a part of our SPRAG-HAYWIRE culture, with both coaches being regional level athletes. Our training experience and competitive attitude sets the tone for what we expect from our competitive athletes.

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Aches and Pains?

Something bother you day to day? Keeping you from the fun in the gym? Check in with our very own Chiropractor/Athletic Trainer, Dr. Austin Reynolds!

Located in the SPRAG Facility, Dr. Reynolds can help you on your time!