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“I have to admit I was completely intimidated by Crossfit before I started at Sprag. But the coaches here are extremely helpful, and the environment is super welcoming.
Thanks for pushing me every time! And thanks to everyone for being so nice. I couldn’t have picked a better place to join. Now I just need to Crossfit more!!”
-Kendra Leigh (09/03/16)

“CrossFit Sprag was the first box we dropped into when we moved into the area. It was also the last box we dropped into because we were so impressed after our trial workout! We knew right away that it would be our new home. The coaches and members were so inviting and made us feel welcomed from the moment we stepped in. The facility was very clean and you could tell they took great pride in their box. The child care rooms are such a blessing so that I can work out without worrying about my kids. I have already made huge gains and improvements in the few weeks that I have been there so I would say their programming is top notch! I would highly recommend sprag to anyone looking for an elite crossfit box!”
-Jules Quinn (08/23/16)

“We joined the SPRAG family spring 2016 for our son after seeing first hand one of his friend’s speed, strength and agility just BOOM from XplosiveU! Coach Derek is awesome!! He is encouraging, attentive to the needs a young developing youth’s body and very knowledgeable in his craft. My son has thoroughly enjoyed the training despite working really hard most sessions. He would go 8-days a week if he could. As an added benefit, the other staff and coaches are great!!! They are genuinely interested in making us, the client, happy. We highly recommend this CrossFit training facility and these coaches to anyone looking for a solid program. Thank you CrossFit SPRAG!!”
-Susan Bain (06/11/16)

“Crossfit Sprag was extremely welcoming of my husband and me this week while visiting Texas from Missouri. We loved celebrating Memorial Day doing “Murph” with all of the strong, fun, and inspiring athletes that belong to this box! I also had the chance to join in on a couple of morning classes this week and enjoyed the knowledgeable coaches as well as the challenging workouts! I’ll definitely return to Crossfit Sprag if ever in the area again!”
-Jill Roesch (06/02/16)

“Crossfit SPRAG has given me confidence in my ability to be something other than a Mom/wife and cancer survivor. For a few years I walked around just happy to be around to be a Mom to my kids. I didn’t really have confidence to add anything else to my plate. My sister, mother, and father were SPRAG members and they inspired me to try it out. I didn’t know if it would be my thing but in only a month I have gained so much confidence. I finally feel like my old self again and I thank SPRAG and the coaches for giving me back my confidence. Now I know I can be a survivor, a Mom, a wife, an athlete, and so much more. This place is for all kinds of kinds and everyone is very warm and welcoming!! Happy New Year Sprag and thanks again for all you have done for me!!!”
-Christie Reuber (12/30/14)

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