CrossFit, by definition, is “constantly varied, functional movement performed at a high intensity.”

What does that mean?

IMG_9583Much attention is put into our programming due to the fact that variety is paramount. It is extremely important to keep your workouts constantly varied, so you continue to see results. Cross Fit is designed to build a complete athlete rather than specialize in one area of fitness. Every day, you will record your progress on our Wodify computer system. This technology will provide you with the perfect tool for monitoring your progress in each area, as well as assist you in reaching your goals. The information gained from Wodify also gives the coaches the necessary feedback for continuing to evolve your training process.

cfp4The basis of our training record will always have roots in functional movement. Squats, lifting object from the ground, pressing something over your head, these are all movements we may come across in our daily lives. This type of training will have you ready for anything life throws your way, or anything with which you may want to challenge yourself.

No matter if it’s your first day of CrossFit, or if it’s your 4th year, your workout will be adjusted so that intensity is relative to ability. We understand that each athlete is different. Whether you are training for a marathon, a weightlifting competition, or simply want to play outside with your grandchildren, each workout will be structured to meet your individual goals. Expect to be coached and challenged every day.

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