Xplosive U is a separate entity from CrossFit, although classes are also held at our SPRAG facility. In an effort to offer specifically designed training for young people, we created a program that, we believe, is hands down, the best training for creating powerful young athletes. The Xplosive U program is for any athlete, from age 8 through college age, who is looking for the competitive edge in gaining speed, strength, and power. From its inception in 2009, we have trained a huge variety of athletes from kids playing their first year of middle school sports to a young man training for the NFL.13516558_1010297522424875_4246729546956680687_n

This progressive programming is designed to create a solid foundation of proper lifting technique, while keeping a concentrated focus on increasing power, speed, agility, and strength. All too often, young athletes are not taught correct body movement and positioning as they proceed in their chosen sport. Consequently, bad habits are learned and injuries take place that, in some cases, can be career ending as far as sports are concerned. Our objective with our Xplosive U athletes, is to alleviate opportunity for injury and improve overall ability.

13516561_1007412272713400_2910774237053824723_nA few things that separate Xplosive U from other training programs are the outstanding SPRAG facility as well as performance testing provided by the Human Performance Lab (HPL) at UMHB. We are proud to say that CrossFit SPRAG is the only box in Central Texas with exclusive access to this invaluable resource. The HPL offers testing such as a laser 40yd/60yd dash, vertical jump, pro agility shuttle, and a Wingate test, which helps us evaluate each athlete and adjust our program to better suit their specific goals.

The experience found in the combined field performance of our coaches is unmatched. If you have the desire to take your mental and physical training to the next level, attack your training more aggressively, and commit yourself to becoming a more powerful athlete, Xplosive U is for you!

  Standard Discounted **
Xplosive U – 4x $140 month $125 month
Xplosive U – 3x $120 month $105 month
Xplosive U – 2x $100 month $95 month
Xplosive U – 1x $60 month $55 month

** Discounted rates apply to additional family members. Contact us about team or group rates.


Coach Bubba Doherty

Bubba has been with CrossFit Sprag for a little over a year, training as part of our Competitive Athlete Program for CrossFit. Bubba graduated from Howard Payne in 2008 in Exercise Sports Science as well as played football for them. He later started coaching football for his hometown, Copperas Cove Bulldogs and taught PE to middle schoolers.

Bubba has great knowledge, education, and experience that we feel will be a great asset to our team going forward! If you have any questions please contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have! If you have a child age 8+ that you would like more info about our program, we would love to help!


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**DROP-IN RATE: $20 for a day, $25 for a single day + Sprag T-shirt! Longer than a day? contact coaches for rates**

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Quick email: Team@crossfitsprag.com

Aches and Pains?

Something bother you day to day? Keeping you from the fun in the gym? Check in with our very own Chiropractor/Athletic Trainer, Dr. Austin Reynolds!

Located in the SPRAG Facility, Dr. Reynolds can help you on your time!